Remote Ruby

RailsConf 2024 with Ufuk Kayserilioglu

March 21, 2024 Jason Charnes, Chris Oliver, Andrew Mason Episode 262
Remote Ruby
RailsConf 2024 with Ufuk Kayserilioglu
Show Notes

Today’s episode features a detailed discussion about the upcoming RailsConf 2024, its
programming, and significant updates in the Ruby community, particularly regarding
Ruby Central's contributions. Jason, Chris, and Andrew dive into a conversation with
guest, Ufuk Kayserilioglu, Engineering Manager at Shopify's Ruby Infrastructure Team,
who recently joined the board of Ruby Central and co-chairs RailsConf 2024. Ufuk
shares insights on the planned enhancements for the conference to make it more
practical and focused on Rails. He also highlights the formation of the Ruby Developer
Experience team at Shopify, aimed at improving developer experiences within the Ruby
ecosystem. The conversation further dives into the financial support for Ruby's open
source projects, such as and the efforts to sustain and secure Ruby's
infrastructure. The conversation wraps up with details on RailsConf, an open invitation
for community interaction, and a teaser for special experiences awaiting in-person
attendees. Press download now to hear more!

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