Remote Ruby

Struggles and Strategies-Dev Dilemmas

March 15, 2024 Jason Charnes, Chris Oliver, Andrew Mason Episode 261
Remote Ruby
Struggles and Strategies-Dev Dilemmas
Show Notes

Join Chris and Andrew in this episode as they discuss their recent experiences and
challenges with software development projects. They cover a range of topics including
the impact of ADHD on productivity, troubleshooting coding issues, the intricacies of
working with React, caching problems, and the dilemmas faced when debugging and
deploying. They also dive into the variations of using Docker, optimizing CI/CD
pipelines, the potential of Rust for CLI applications, and reflect on their journey with
various programming tools and environments. Additionally, they touch upon the
development of Rails applications, the utilization of Docker containers for development
without installing Ruby or Rails, and considerations for multi-tenancy architecture. Press
download to hear more relatable stories and valuable lessons from Chris and Andrew!


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