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Ruby 3.3 Preview 1 & The Mystery Of The 3 Inch Round Button

May 26, 2023 Jason Charnes, Chris Oliver, Andrew Mason Episode 230
Remote Ruby
Ruby 3.3 Preview 1 & The Mystery Of The 3 Inch Round Button
Show Notes

On this episode of Remote Ruby, Jason, Chris, and Andrew begin by sharing their thoughts on some shows they’re watching such as “White House Plumbers,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “Seinfeld.” The conversation then shifts towards the exciting release of Ruby 3.3 Preview 1, which focuses on performance improvements for YJIT and the introduction of compiler RJIT. They dive into the challenges of implementing autosaving and error display forms using Turbo and Hotwire in Rails. Then, the conversation takes a turn towards serverless function, with Andrew sharing his experiences using Vercel, and a discussion on Hatchbox and Fly for hosting applications, and the appeal of PlanetScale for databases. Go ahead and press download now to hear more! 

[00:00:20] The guys discuss a few shows they’re watching.   

[00:05:10] Chris announces the exciting release of Ruby 3.3 Preview 1, which introduces performance improvements for YJIT, and introduces the RJIT.  

[00:07:11] Jason brings up an interview with Aaron Patterson that Justin Searls did at Ruby Kaigi 2023 where he talked about two people working on different parsers which could benefit alternative Ruby implementations.

[00:09:38] A conversation came up somewhere about Laravel being a feature-rich framework, while Ruby is considered a better language.

[00:10:59] Jason brings up the challenge of implementing autosaving and displaying errors in a form using Turbo and Hotwire in Rails. Chris mentions morphdom as a solution which can help with preserving focus during form updates.

[00:16:23] Chris talks about autosaving features as a standard in modern web applications, and the need for built-in solutions within Rails is emphasized to simplify the implementation process.

[00:22:00] Andrew shares his frustrations with implementing autosaving and validations.

[00:25:55] Andrew explains what he was doing with functions in Vercel.

[00:28:00] Jason brings up talking to Crunchy Data at RailsConf and the appeal of Planet Scale for databases.


[00:30:40] Hatchbox and Fly for hosting applications is discussed and plans for upgrading Ubuntu versions and Hatchbox features.


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White House Plumbers (HBO MAX)

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO MAX)

Seinfeld (Netflix)

Ruby Kaigi 2023-Aaron Patterson Interview (YouTube)


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