Remote Ruby

Hmmm, Maybe It's The Garbage Collector

July 07, 2023 Jason Charnes, Chris Oliver, Andrew Mason Episode 235
Remote Ruby
Hmmm, Maybe It's The Garbage Collector
Show Notes

On today’s episode, Chris and Andrew have an early start and catch up on their lives. Then, they dive deep into the latest developments in the Rails community, including the release of Rails 7.0.6, bug fixes, and changes to Active Record.  They share their experiences with GitHub deployments, documentation issues, and how they navigate through its challenges. They discuss the benefits of MySQL and Postgres, as well as the ongoing advancements in Postgres, specifically Crunchy Data’s contributions.  Chris and Andrew share their views on working in different company sizes, the joys of learning new things, dealing with burnout, and the slower pace of feature shipping in larger companies. There’s a discussion on Reddit’s recent actions, its impact on subreddit moderations, and the discontinuation of the Reddit API. We’ll also hear about Chris’s cooking adventures, experimenting with different flavors, and making some Texas Twinkies. Hit download to hear more! 

[00:02:00] Chris and Andrew talk about the release of Rails v7.0.6 with bug fixes and changes in libraries like Action Cable and Active Record, including subqueries and associations with polymorphic relationships.

[00:06:10] Andrew is curious about the GitHub deployment stuff and expresses his desire to create GitHub deploys from Heroku. They talk about the complexities of setting up GitHub deployments and the lack of clear information from GitHub, and how the documentation with Checks API can be confusing to set up. 

[00:09:49] Chris discusses the challenges of figuring out GitHub’s deployment process and the lack of documentation. He expresses frustration with the lack of clarity and support for smaller accounts. 

[00:14:41] PlanetScale is brought up and its association with MySQL, and they discuss the benefits of MySQL and Postgres, and the new features and advancements in Postgres, including Crunchy Data’s contributions and the potential use of Postgres in web environments. 

[00:17:43] Chris shares a fun story about working on implementing jump server support in the new Hatchbox.  They encountered unexpected complexities with the net-ssh gem to address the problem. 

[00:29:51] Chris emphasizes the importance of being mindful of memory usage and performance trade-offs and how it becomes more critical when building large-scale products. 

[00:31:59] Andrew mentions that releasing features can be challenging and Podia is currently facing that challenge with releasing a feature while also building onto it. He emphasizes the importance of coordination, communication, and learning from code to recognize and solve problems faster. 

[00:33:46] Chris reflects on his experience working at a consulting agency and how it allowed him to learn quickly by facing different projects and finds joy learning new things as a programmer. 

[00:34:43] We hear Andrew talk about feeling stuck in a job, comparing small companies which offer more challenges, to big companies where employees get stuck doing the same tasks, and Chris tells us he’s happiest when learning new things and how it accelerates burnout.

[00:35:57] Chris discusses the challenges faced by big companies when it comes to feature shipping due to the need to ensure existing users are not negatively impacted, and Andrew highlights the varying levels of impact when breaking code and emphasizes the importance of being able to find and fix bugs quickly. 

[00:39:00] We hear about Chris’s mad cooking skills with pulled pork and experimenting with smoked cream cheese which he hopes to use in some Texas Twinkies. 

[00:43:53] The conversation shifts to Reddit and its recent actions regarding subreddit moderation and the discontinuation of the Reddit API, and they express frustration with Reddit’s handling of the situa